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Provenzi L, Grumi S, Altieri L, Bensi G, Bertazzoli E, Biasucci G, Cavallini A, Decembrino L, Falcone R, Freddi A, Gardella B, Giacchero R, Giorda R, Grossi E, Guerini P, Magnani ML, Martelli P, Motta M, Nacinovich R, Pantaleo D, Pisoni C, Prefumo F, Riva L, Scelsa B, Spartà MV, Spinillo A, Vergani P, Orcesi S, Borgatti R, MOM-COPE Study Group. Prenatal maternal stress during the COVID-19 pandemic and infant regulatory capacity at 3 months: A longitudinal study. Development and Psychopathology, in press. 

Here, we report on the pathways that may lead from pandemic-related stress experienced by women during the COVID-19 healthcare emergency to an altered caregiving environment and - ultimately - to disregulated temperament profile at 3-month-age. More info on the Confinati page.

Caporali C, Pisoni C, Gasparini L, Ballante E, Zecca M, Orcesi S, Provenzi L (2020) A global perspective on parental stress in the neonatal intensive care unit: a meta-analytic study. Journal of Perinatology, 40, 1739-1752. 

In this paper, we report the findings of a meta-analytic study on mothers and fathers' stress during the NICU stay of their newborn. The meta-analysis included original research from multiple countries and multiple labs, providing a global perspective on the parents' stressful experience in the NICUs.

Grumi S, Provenzi L, Gardani A, Aramini V, Dargenio E, Naboni C, Vacchini V, Borgatti R, EnFORCE Group (2020) Rehabilitation services lockdown during the COVID-19 emergency: the mental health response of caregivers of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Disability and Rehabilitation, in press.

This publication reports on the mental health outcomes of parents of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities during the COVID-19 lockdown in Italy. The need for family-centered acts from clinicians and policymakers is highlighted.

Provenzi L, Grumi S, Giorda R, Biasucci G, Bonini R, Cavallini A, Decembrino L, Drera B, Falcone R, Fazzi E, Gardella B, Giacchero R, Nacinovich R, Pisoni C, Prefumo F, Scelsa B, Spartà MV, Veggiotti P, Orcesi S, Borgatti R, MOM-COPE Study Group. Measuring the Outcomes of Maternal COVID-1-related Prenatal Exposure (MOM-COPE): Study protocol for a multicentric longitudinal project. BMJ Open, 10, e044585. 

In this paper, we present the methodology of the MOM-COPE project that holds promises to highlight the behavioral, psychological and epigenetic scars of COVID-19-related stress experienced by pregnant women in Northern Italy during the initial pandemic outbreak. More info on the Projects page.

Pisoni C, Provenzi L, Moncecchi M, Caporali C, Naboni C, Stronati M, Montirosso R, Borgatti R, Orcesi S (2020) Early parenting intervention promotes 24-month psychomotor development in preterm children. Acta Paediatrica, 110(1), 101-108.

In this article, we provide evidence that early intervention on parenting during the NICU hospitalization may be effective in promoting better psychomotor outcomes in preterm children at 2 years of age.

Provenzi L, Fumagalli M, Scotto di Minico G, Giorda R, Morandi F, Sirgiovanni I, Schiavolin P, Mosca F, Borgatti R, Montirosso R (2020) Pain‐related increase in serotonin transporter gene methylation associates with emotional regulation in 4.5‐year‐old preterm‐born children. Acta Paediatrica, 109, 1166-1174.

The epigenetic consequences of the exposure to neonatal pain may leave long-lasting epigenetic fingerprints in the developmental trajectories of preterm infants. Here, we describe the association between pain-related changes in DNA methylation and emotion regulation in preterm-born preschoolers.

Provenzi L, Rosa E, Visintin E, Mascheroni E, Guida E, Cavallini A, Montirosso R (2020) Understanding the role and function of maternal touch in infants with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Infant Behavior and Development, 58, 101420.

In this paper, we publish original data suggesting that maternal touch may serve different goals and functions in the presence of a child's disability condition. Insights for early parent-child interventions are discussed.

Provenzi L, Tronick E (2020) The power of disconnection during the Covid-19 emergency: From isolation to reparation. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy, 12(S1), S252-S254.

The COVID-19 emergency is requiring citizens to adhere to mitigation strategies that largely involve social distancing and separation. Infant research suggests that separation itself can be repaired through dedicated emotional and attuned actions. We suggest that such psychological reparation actions should be considered a priority to care for citizens' mental health during and after the pandemic.