Livio Provenzi Researcher, PhD

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I am a psychologist and researcher at the IRCCS Mondino Foundation in Pavia (PV, Italy). My research framework is in developmental psychobiology. The focus of my research projects is on the investigation of different omics associated with risk and protective factors involved in infants and children behavioral, socio-emotional and cognitive development. My current project is Preterm Behavioral Epigenetics, a prospective longitudinal study on the epigenetic marker of risk and protective care in very preterm infants.


The IRCCS Mondino Foundation is located in Northern Italy, south of Milan. Since 1973, the IRCCS Mondino Foundation is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health for translational research in the field of nervous system diseases, neuroscience, and rehabilitation.


The main goal of my research activity is to investigate biomarker of early stress and protective care in infants with at-risk conditions or neurodevelopmental disabilities, with a special focus on early parent-infant interactions. This research is aimed at contributing contribute to the scientific community through basic and translational research on the risk and protective factors associated with typical and atypical infants development.